Smart Features That are Helpful in the New Ford C-Max

Once the team at Ganley Ford West Inc. got to see the new Ford C-MAX on our lot, we knew it was going to sell fast. This compact hybrid has been growing in popularity in part to smart features like the following.

Shift the Ford C-Max into reverse, then the center console screen automatically turns into a rear back-up camera. The driver now has the ability to clearly see everything behind the vehicle in full color, from stationary to moving objects that could come right in your path as you are driving backwards.

The Enhanced Active Park Assist in the Ford C-Max makes finding and fitting into parking spaces easier. Once you activate this feature, the sensors scan the side of the vehicle for an ideal parking space. Once the right size space has been located, the vehicle steers into place as you're prompted when to brake, accelerate, and shift, right into that spot.



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