Exterior Design Features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid

We here at Ganley Ford West Inc. consider the Ford Fusion Hybrid to be an integral part of our showroom, and display it proudly. While there are many hybrid sedans on the market, the Ford Fusion hybrid is leading the crowd in many areas including technology, ingenuity, and forward-thinking design.

While some may think that design and functionality are separate concepts, the Ford Fusion successfully nullified this misconception, proving that indeed design and functionality are interconnected. The headlights on the Fusion hybrid are LEDs, and they are designed in such a way that they not only light up the road ahead of you brilliantly, they are a bold design element in their own right. Combining both safety and design is a theme of the Ford Fusion hybrid, such as with the side mirrors, which aesthetically appeal with their sleek design, while keeping you safe with integrated blind spot detectors and optional heating feature to prevent fog-ups.

The Ford Fusion hybrid is an excellent vehicle that successfully combines safety, functionality, and pleasing design to create an experience that many will enjoy. If you're interested in taking the Fusion for a test drive, come on down and visit our showroom in Cleveland, OH.




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