Live the Future with Ford SYNC 3

At our Ganley Ford West Inc. showroom, our team guides you on how SYNC 3 is moving with the world as far as technology is concerned. SYNC 3 has put technology at your hand's disposal and with just a push of a button.

If you are navigating around Cleveland, SYNC 3 will not only find locations for destinations like coffee shops, hotels, and ATM, it will never forget and reminds you in the future. The voice recognition helps you to focus on your driving without distraction. With the SYNC 3, you can now connect to your car using the FordPass vehicle app. FordPass can track your car's location, track fuel mileage and even start it remotely. Having the Wi-Fi 4G LTE connection, the SYNC 3 can automatically update itself while you are comfortable driving.

With the SYNC 3, our Ganley Ford West Inc. will enlighten you on how to interact with your phone and apps especially with the introduction of the new apple car play for iPhone users. You're sure to find the car of your dreams when you visit us at Ganley Ford West Inc.

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